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Catalina Island

Hi everyone! My name is Claudia, and no, my last name isn’t really Catalina. But in my opinion, Catalina is probably one of the greatest places on the face on the planet. It’s a small island right off the coast of Los Angeles, where my family used to vacation every summer growing up. Some of my happiest memories take place on Catalina, so I use it add it to my first name and there you have it: a great online username that isn’t taken every time I try to register for something online.

Anyway, I would like to cordially welcome you to my blog. I’ve wanted to keep a blog for a while now, and I’m very excited about the prospect of sharing just about anything that’s on my mind at the time here for you lovely people to read! I hope to post a lot of different content on this site, but it will for the most past simply be a personal blog with me rambling on about what I love about life. I will also share some random facts and info I have accumulated over the years that I think will be useful. If I try out a new product, read a new book, or watch a new movie, you can bet I’ll be providing you with a review on here as well!

In general, I love nature, children, music, and most importantly anything that helps me to feel good about myself and my body. I am trying (and hopefully succeeding, although it can be very hard) to maintain a healthy lifestyle and very interested about health in general — so that’s a subject that will probably be discussed frequently on this blog!

Anyway, you are kindly invited to back, relax, and have a look around. I hope to see you in a future blog post very soon!



Menopause Natural Remedies Feel Good On Your Own

Menopause natural remedies can make you feel good on your own.  Perhaps you were too busy with your life without any idea about menopause or hormones.  When at last the hot flushes and mood swings set in you are aware of the fact that you are in to a new phase of life and you are like many others looking for menopause natural remedies.

Menopausal Women

There are likely many things in the life of a woman to be taken care of;… Read More…

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My Review of Green Coffee Ultra – What It Did For Me and What It Can Do For You!

Well folks, beach season is upon us and I have to say that if I hadn’t tried using Green Coffee Ultra I never would have made my first trip to the beach!  Yes, I’m like many of you who needed to lose some weight before sliding myself into that swim suit and before I even thought about going out in public with a swim suit on.  But my prayers were answered when a friend told me about Green Coffee Ultra.

I… Read More…

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Women and Heart Disease

If you don’t think you need to worry about heart disease when you are a woman then you might want to think again.  Among the women who die in the United States each year, one of those four will die of heart disease.  That is a scary number for any type of disease.

As a woman ages, her chances of dying from heart disease will increase.  With that being said, there are things that you can do right now, no matter what your age, to help prevent your… Read More…

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Do You Suffer From Heavy Periods?

Frequently women are disappointed after going through several years of what is considered a “normal” period, only to find out later that their period is much heavier and in some cases completely unmanageable. A heavy period, also referred to as menorrhagia, are distinguished by a loss of blood that is more that 8 teaspoons per period (although you really don’t know how many teaspoons of blood you have lost), large clots, and having to change protection… Read More…

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Do You Want Soft Skin?

For some reason some of us just don’t seem to take care of our skin the way we should.  There are actually things that we do to our skin that makes it dry and flaky and don’t really realize it.  Exposing it to hot water for a long period of time only dries the skin out so limit the time you spend soaking in a hot bath and in your shower.

Try the following tips below to… Read More…

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What is Functional Fitness?

It appears to be the buzzword going around these days, but what exactly is functional fitness and are there really health benefits to doing it?  As with anything, it will depend on who you talk to and how they feel about it.  Some people will love it and some would rather stick with tried and true exercises that help them to feel better.

Functional fitness is an exercise routine that helps your joints and muscles become accustomed to doing things that you do every single day.  These exercises make it… Read More…

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Three Wonderful Ways To End Childhood Obesity

Is your child eating a lot of unhealthy foods and getting bigger and wider than their usual size? Well it’s time to be alarmed because almost all of the children now are becoming obese. Why is it? It is because of the modern technology, instead of playing outside with friends and sweating everything out, they tend to stay indoors and sit down in front of the computer, television and PSP with a bag… Read More…

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Four Steps to Recovering the Healthy You

If you are becoming haggard and losing your glow because of a stressful work or home, you must not overwork too much because it might suppress your immune system leading you to certain diseases which can delay your day.

There are three steps to consider when you want to be healthy and fabulous:

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day – It is proven over time that water can really… Read More…
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Healthy Steps for a Better Lifestyle

Ever wanted to be healthy but end up doing the complete opposite? You wanted to try to do some exercise in the morning but you end up waking up later than usual? Trying to get a hold of vegetables and fruits for a few days but giving into a buffet dinner during weekends? Well you probably lack motivation and determination which is an essential key to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Challenge… Read More…

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Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

Healthy Ways to Lose WeightIn an attempt to shed off extra belly fat or double chin, some people try hard to go on a diet. However a lot of them fail because of the fact that the diets they are using are the “no eating diet” or “don’t eat now and get-tempted-later-diet”. Some people try not to eat their breakfast which is considered the most essential eating time… Read More…

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